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New Updates

Clinical / Diagnostic / Pathology / Forensic Labs

blood drop iconTech-2261: Fast Growing CLIA-accredited Clinical Lab in Southwestern USA Looking for a Strategic / Acquisition Partner. A lab with insurance contracts in the state can immediately capture additional 30% in revenues. Lab itself if growing. Revenue: $1.49 m / $1.99 m*; EBITDA: $131K / $631K* (* to a buyer with insurance contracts). Asking Price: $3.15 million ... more ...contact us

blood drop iconTech-2280: Modern, Spacious, CLIA-accredited Clinical Lab in a Busy Metro City in North East Looking for Strategic Partner. This 10+ year old Lab has licenses to serve patients in four states including some hard to get license states. It also has major insurance contracts. It is looking for a strategic partner that can help grow its business. Revenue ~$3 million. ... more ...contact us

blood drop iconTech-2245: Profitable, Rapidly-Growing, Pre-clinical CRO Serving Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Device Industries in Western USA with Excellent Growth Potential. The Company is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. The Company provides in-vivo laboratory services over a wide variety of species, large and small. They operate from a large facilities. The CRO also has an expertise in DART studies (Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology). Based on first six months of 2014, the revenues are on pace to grow by over 50% and EBITDA by over 238% compared to 2013 (Revenues projected to grow to $1.8 million from $1.2 million and EBITDA from $260K to approximately $890K). ...more ...contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2254: Very well-reputed, profitable histopathology laboratory supporting pre-clinical studies in Western USA. This well established laboratory has strong reputation for quality work and support clinical researchers with anatomic and clinical pathology services. Its Clients include pharma, medical device, meat processing and contract research companies as well as government agencies and other researchers and research organizations. Gross Revenue: $695K; Adjusted EBITDA: $280K; Asking Price: $1.3 million ...more ...contact us

blood_drop_iconTech -2215: Very Profitable Clinical Lab Management and Clinical Products Distribution Company on West Coast with Strong Growth. The Company enjoys high margins and sets up and provides turn-key services to physicians office labs (as well as to those who want to set up independent reference labs) and provides clinical lab products and supplies. The Company can be relocated easily to anywhere in the USA. Highly scalable business model with strong growth potential. Gross Revenue: ~$4 million, EBITDA: ~750K (projected for 2014); $2.93 million (30% increase over 2012), EBITDA: $625K (53% increase over 2012) ...more ...contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2297: Profitable, CLIA-accredited Clinical Laboratory with all licenses on the West Coast. This is a well-established laboratory with state, CLIA, Medicare, Medi-Cal (older than 2001) licenses. The Seller willing to help in transition period, above the free offered training. Lease will be not extended (buyer will need to relocate the business). Currently about 50 samples per day, CIS computer system in house. Gross Income - $1.1 million, Cash-flow $450K, Assets: $240K, Currently referring out more than $300,000 of tests with possibility for more - which new owner can incorporate in own business. Asking Price: $1.15 million. ...contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2298: Profitable CLIA lab on the West Coast. This profitable laboratory serves patients which are mainly covered by third party payors, but also serves some PPO, cash patients and medicare patients. It does about 60 specimens per day covering referring physicians in 30 miles radius, and does in-house billing. Lot of accounts are transferrable. Gross Revenue: $600k; Net Income $120,000. Assets: $150K; Asking Price: $875K. Real estate is also available optionally. ...contact us

blood drop iconTech-2283: Some Lab Equipment Now Available at this former CLIA Lab. Make an offer. See equipment here. Pentra 60C Hematology equipment ($6,000), Pentra 400 Clinical Chemistry systems ($10,000) and Antaq LabDec3 Lab Computer System ($4,000), currently available. (TOSOH AIA 360 equipment is sold). ....contact us

blood drop icon Tech-2266: New CLIA-accredited Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in Mid-Atlantic States is Looking for a Strategic Partner. This lab has just received CLIA and state license and is also applying for a neighboring state license. The lab has been now fully staffed and the owner is looking for a strategic partner who can run the operations and / or grow the business ...contact us

blood drop iconTech-2237: CAP and CLIA-accredited Profitable Forensic Drug Testing Lab on the East Coast. Strategic Partnership Opportunity. This lab is a nationwide accredited Forensic Laboratory that can perform drug analysis from a wide variety of samples including urine, saliva, hair etc. Headed by an innovative Scientist / Inventor, the lab comes with significant intellectual and proprietary technologies. Owner has been busy with developing his inventions and has not paid much attention to the business growth. There is plenty of space in the building to expand the lab to offer additional services including drug compliance studies, other clinical studies, hormone testing, and more. Buyer with right marketing channels and contacts can take the lab to the next level. Seller is looking for a highly qualified strategic partner who can bring in immediate value and is very selective in choosing the right partner. Annual revenues (2013): ~$590K, net income: $112k. Valuation: $1.5 million (includes all of the accreditations, Intellectual properties associated with the lab, assets and inventory. Looking for strategic partner only. Not for sale of the business. Building and land (13,500 square feet on about 1.7 acres) are also optionally available at appraised price). ...contact us

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Analytical / Research Labs

beaker iconTech-2292: Solidly Profitable Asbestos, Mold, Industrial Hygiene Lab in the North East. The Lab provides testing of Asbestos, Mold, Air Quality and consulting services. Strong growth over the last 4 years. Revenue: $410K (projected 2014), EBITDA: $161K (average for past three years), asking price: $625K. ...more ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2301: NELAP-accredited, Profitable Environmental Lab in South West. Excellent Opportunity for an Entrepreneur or another small regional lab. An existing lab is looking to divest its environmental business. The environmental portion is profitable and had revenues of $550k in 2013. Expected revenue about $350k in 2014 because the current owner has focused on other business and decided not to pursue this side of the business. New owner can capture lost revenues and more. Located in about 2,000 sq ft. facility in an excellent, desirable metro city. Gross Revenue $330K (projected for 2014), Discretionary Earnings $114K (projected for 2014). Assets worth about $185K. The lab can handle workload of about $2 million with the equipment and assets it current has. Asking Price $295K for a quick sale. ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2303: US FDA registered, Profitable, Growing Food Testing Lab in South West. Owner is looking for a strategic partner who can help grow this young business further. Food testing business was started only four years ago and is currently profitable with high margins and revenues of about $220K projected for this year. Can also pursue pharmaceutical and cosmetics testing due to its FDA registration. Open to partnerships and other options. ...more details soon. ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2289: NELAC-Accredited Environmental Laboratory in South West with Radiochemical Testing Capability with Excellent Growth Potential. The Laboratory is a well-established, full-service, NE LAC-accredited environmental laboratory offering a variety of radiochemical analysis and analytical services. Revenue: $1.2 million, Discretionary Cash Flow: $350K. Includes $2.5 million in assets including some hard to find equipment, $100,000+ inventory including radiochemical standards worth  over $70,000, specialized labs with lead shielding ...more ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2270: Environmental Laboratory with Solid Performance and Primed for Growth, Looking for a Strategic Buyer or Partner. This ELAP-certified Lab serves Fortune 500 and smaller clients from major industries in the Western United States.  In addition to comprehensive environmental testing, it also offers myriad standard and customized analytical testing services for operational needs of clients.  Gross Revenue: $2.293 million, Adjusted EBITDA: $446K, Asking Price: $1.8 million for the business and $650K for the real estate ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2272: Environmental and Asbestos Testing Laboratory in the North East with Strong Revenue Growth and High Margins. The Lab specializes in the analysis of air-borne fibers, asbestos, lead, drinking and waste water, and food testing. Gross revenue: $2.23 million (2013), 19% higher than 2012; EBITDA: $870K (2013), asking price $3.2 million. ...more ... Contact Us

beaker icon Tech-2275:Profitable ISO-17025-compliant, Turn-key, Environmental and Agricultural Testing Lab at a Steep Early Bird Discount in Western Canada. This "turn-key", ISO 17025 compliant, highly "wired" lab uses a unique ALL-IN-ONE SYSTEM of the Parent Company, which includes a number of proprietary and distinctive modules including the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), a Laboratory Instrument & Repair (LIMR) Program, a Single Source Document File Management System (SSD), a Customer Relational Management System (CRM), a Vendor Management System (VMS), as well as providing for management of incoming / outgoing Telephony, SMS and Email communications and is directly connected to can also be directly connected to QuickBooks Accounting Packages to stream line on-site Accounts Payable and Receivables. The Franchise will receive ongoing support from the Parent company. Revenues of this 1-year old lab is ~$250K and is at a break-even point. From September 2013, an additional $60K worth of revenues will be coming to this Lab from one client that was going out to the Parent Company's lab temporarily for method optimization. Asking Price: $740K - Steep discount available for first few franchisees ...more ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2276: Turn-key, ISO-Compliant Franchise Supported / Custom Environmental Testing Labs. The full service analytical laboratories can provide testing services for the agricultural, consumer product , environmental, municipal waste treatment, and petroleum sectors. More recently, it can also conduct testing on marijuana for medical purposes. The Company provides turn-key, cost-effective, custom / franchised labs using quality used equipment where possible and with highly computerized modules that can run the laboratory with high efficiency. Company provides its services globally. ... Contact Us

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Franchising Opportunities

beaker iconTech-2276: Turn-key, ISO-Compliant Franchise Supported / Custom Environmental Testing Labs. The full service analytical laboratories can provide testing services for the agricultural, consumer product , environmental, municipal waste treatment, and petroleum sectors. More recently, it can also conduct testing on marijuana for medical purposes. The Company provides turn-key, cost-effective, custom / franchised labs using quality used equipment where possible and with highly computerized modules that can run the laboratory with high efficiency. Company provides its services globally. ... Contact Us

guage_iconTech-2296: Franchise Opportunity - First of a Kind Mobile Calibration Labs from an Experienced Company. The Company is an experienced operator of a calibration laboratory and has put its 20+ experience to create a robust, flexible franchise opportunity. With a well-designed, well-equipped van and Company's ISO-accredited training and support, it is easy to be in laboratory business with modest investment. Company offers significant discount to Veterans looking to start their own business. ... more ... Contact Us

Other - Industrial Testing / Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting / Engineering Consulting and Testing, Instrument Companies

survey_iconTech-2209 - A Profitable, Established GeoTechnical and Professional Engineering Services Company in the South East - Will Train Buyer. Wanting to get into a Business to make a good living? Owner will train a motivated and interested buyer. Gross Sales: US$ 643K(2013), Cash Flow: $192K(2013); Total Assets: Approximately US$250K (estimated), included in sale (includes six vehicles, two drills, resistivity imaging meter, compression machines, extruders, etc.), Real Estate: 3,600 square feet leased space from owner (optionally purchase the building), Asking Price: $625K (or less if some of the assets are not included). Reason for Selling: Other business interests after 20 years in this field. ...more ...contact us

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Surplus Equipment

Tech-2283: Some Lab Equipment Now Available at this former CLIA Lab. Make an offer. See equipment here. Pentra 60C Hematology equipment and Pentra 400 Clinical Chemistry systems currently available. (TOSOH AIA 360 equipment is sold). ....contact us

Partnerships / Lab Technologies

Saliva / Oral Fluid Based Diagnosis

Our clients have expertise in designing saliva-based diagnostic systems as well as converting many of the current diagnostic tests to work with saliva and oral fluids. They also have developed innovative saliva / oral fluids collection and delivery systems. Contact us to get more details.

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blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2243: DNA Paternity Testing, Forensic Testing Lab in South East. This lab after undergoing time-consuming and expensive accreditation for AABB, is poised for high growth under right ownership. Owner must sell due to relocation outside of the country on account of family situation. One of the few labs in the country with dual accreditation. Gross Income (2012): $288K, Discretionary Cash Flow: $134K, assets: $125K.

blood_drop_iconSOLD- Tech-1503 - CLIA-accredited Profitable Clinical Lab with High Growth Potential in SE USA.

blood_drop_iconSOLD - Tech-1510 - Clinical Diagnostic Lab in North East.

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2269: Modern, Professionally Run NELAP-certified Environmental Laboratory with Solid Revenues in Mid-west. The lab performs drinking water, waste water, soil and air analysis. It is well-equipped and staffed with modern equipment and runs out of a newly renovated, modern 15,000 sq. feet space in an industrial park and offers plenty of room for expansion. Financials: 2012 revenues at $2.63 million, EBITDA: $372K, Assets: ~1 million.

beaker icon SOLD - Tech-2102 - Modern Industrial Process and Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast.

beaker_iconSOLD - Tech-2111 - Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast - Expertise in Petroleum, Gas, Wastewater and Drinking Water.

beaker_iconSOLD Tech - 2214 - Modern, Environmental Testing Lab in North East with Solid Profits. The full-service Company serves industrial, municipal and residential clients. It provides testing services for drinking water, wastewater, and soils. It provides full support in all phases of projects including soil investigation, ground water sampling and potable testing services.

beaker iconSOLDTech-2114 - Well-established Environmental Testing Laboratory in North East with a Very Loyal Customer Base- Testing Water, Soil, Air. This 40-plus year old company excels in providing personalized and customized environmental testing services in the area of waste water, soil and air testing. Because of their superior service and scientific knowledge, the company has built up a solid business and a loyal clientele.

guage_iconSOLD Tech-2223 - Profitable ISO/IEC Accredited and Well-Equipped Calibration Laboratory in New England with Great Future Potential. This is an accredited calibration laboratory that calibrates analytical and hand instruments for a variety of customers, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. The lab has been accredited to IS0 17025 since the standard's inception, and prior to that Guide 25. The accreditation contains a rather wide scope of dimensional and mechanical capabilities.

multimeter_iconSOLD-Tech - 2203 - Liquidation Sale - All Equipment, Furniture list and Customer List of an EMC Lab in New England States.

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