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Clinical / Diagnostic / Pathology / Forensic

blood drop iconTech-2291: Well-Established, Very Profitable Anatomic Pathology Lab in North East. This FDA-registered Laboratory is a stable and solidly profitable business located in New England, which is poised for growth with its recently obtained CLIA certification, that will allow it to branch out in new areas. It has been performing histology and histopathology services for human and veterinary samples for pathologists, biotechnology companies, CROs, educational and research facilities for over 30 years. Revenue: $855K (2015); EBITDA: 263K; Asking Price: $1.5 million (includes recent CLIA certificate). ...more ...contact us

blood drop iconTech-2375: Genomics Equipment for Sale from Recently Closed Genetic Lab in North Carolina. This forensic / DNA lab was recently closed down and some of its key equipment is still in place. All equipment purchased from Illumina in November 2013 for a total cost of $429,000. For Sale at about a third of its price for $150,000. The manufacturer will deinstall, crate, ship and install the equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition. Seller will pay for deinstallation, and buyer will pay for the crating, shipping and installation. ...Equipment list and more details ......contact us

blood drop iconTech-2379: Turnkey Toxicology and Genomics Labs. Our Client company runs its own toxicology lab but also has set up many labs for its clients. The services include complete set up, getting CLIA and iother licenses, taking care of all of the compliance issues, and providing and setting up equipment, consumables and staffing. It also offers managed services at its location in CA. ...contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2245-2254: Profitable, Rapidly-Growing, Pre-clinical CRO and Histopathology Laboratory Serving Pharmaceutical, Biomedical Industries in Western USA with Excellent Growth Potential. The Company is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Their histopathology lab offers anatomic and clinical pathology services. Gross Revenue $2.15 million, EBITDA $797K ...more ...contact us

blood drop iconSOLDTech-2364: CLIA and CAP Toxicology, Genomics Lab with licenses in forty nine states on the west coast. This young lab is selling its entire, functioning turn-key lab with state-of-the-art equipment for doing Genetics / Genomics, Toxicology, and routine chemistry testing. The Lab is moving to a much larger location as it has outgrown its current facility. The lab has CLIA and COLA certifications, licensed to run in 49 states (all except NY), has major Payor contracts. The buyer can retain key laboratory staff and start earning revenues from day one instead of waiting for lengthy regulatory approvals ...more ...contact us

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2362: Turn-key CLIA Lab in South East USA. This is a great opportunity to buy a turnkey, high complexity CLIA lab in the South East. The Lab is fully equipped with equipment for clinical chemistry and toxicology screening studies and is also fully staffed. Ideal for a buyer looking for a Florida CLIA license. Asking Price: 399K ...more ...contact us

blood drop icon SOLD Tech-2360: Well-established, Profitable, CLIA-accredited, Clinical Lab with NY License and Excellent Location. Ideal Opportunity for buyers who are looking for a lab with NY license. The Lab has NY CLIA license, participates in CAP proficiency program, does all classical clinical chemistries and also expertise in semen analysis. Great location in a large building with many doctors at a very reasonable rent (provided buyer can quickly renew lease, which expires soon). Revenue: $504K (2015); Discretionary Earnings: $117K. Looking for best offers. ...more ...contact us

blood drop icon UNDER LOI Tech-2350: Cutting Edge, Clinical Genomics Lab in North East with CLIA Accreditation in NY, CA, and FL Looking for a Strategic Partner. This ten year lab is located in a large hospital complex in a major North East city. The Founder / Majority Shareholder of the lab is a well-known physician scientist in the area of clinical genomics. This high complexity lab can also implement Toxicology studies in short order. Looking for offers from strategic partners that can accelerate growth. ...more ...contact us

blood drop icon UNDER LOI Tech-2349: Brand New, CLIA, COLA Accredited Toxicology Lab With Revenue and Profits. The Company currently has a volume of roughly 550 samples / month from one Client which is projected to generate revenue of about $400-600K annually. It currently services 3 states and offers a great platform for growth. Offered Debt Free. ...more ...contact us


Tech-2358: Lab and Manufacturing facilities for MEMS Devices in the MidWest. This Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) development and manufacturing company has outgrown this place and looking to sell all equipment in this functioning facility. The buyer can buy the equipment and lease this place from the landlord at a very reasonable rent, and move into this turn-key state-of-the-art facility of 5,210 sq ft with two class 100 clean rooms and complete infrastructure. Asking price: $4.8 million. ...more ...contact us

Lab Instruments and Service Companies

Tech-2288: Profitable, Very Reputable Fluorescence Pharmaceutical Instrument Sales and Service Company in South Atlantic US. This is a unique opportunity of a niche business focused on pharmaceutical research market. The Company is currently experiencing rapid growth and good profits. The Company sells and services Fluorescence-based research instruments. The Company has been operational for past 10 years and the customers admire the Company for its passion, honesty, integrity and innovations that it has brought into the marketplace. The Company offer international client base, growing sales, and excellent growth opportunity. It has three patents on its product innovations. Gross Revenue: $1.16 million (2015 projected); EBITDA: $461K (2015 projected); inventory: $1.1 million. ...more ...contact us

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Analytical / Research Labs

beaker icon Tech-2335: Profitable, Bio Agri products company with Biopesticide product and Biological Agriproduct Technologies. The Company has focused on developing agricultural bio-products and technologies. It markets a commercial bioherbicide with 3 EPA registrations. Average annual gross revenue over 5 years is $186K and net profit of about $120K. Asking price that includes current product and selected business components plus significant know how and technologies for two other potential products and equipment is $230K. ...more ...Contact Us

beaker iconTech-2276: Turn-key, ISO-Compliant Custom Testing Labs. Complete Professional and Technical Services for planning, designing, implementing and supporting agricultural, consumer product (including medical marijuana), environmental, municipal waste treatment, and petroleum sector labs. The Company provides turn-key, cost-effective and optimized custom labs using quality used or new equipment that includes a secure Web based ERP software to run day to day operations that also includes a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). Company provides its services globally. ... Contact Us

beaker icon UNDER LOI Tech-2351: Versatile, Well-established, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Materials Testing Lab in South East Looking for a Strategic Partner / Buyer. The Lab has established a reputation for its forensic testing ability in failure analysis of plastics, polymers, and materials. The founder of the lab is a well-known scientist in the field and has served as an expert witness. Recently the lab has also been doing clinical research and testing for an international medical device company and is looking for a strategic partner who can bring some additional resources. In a short time, the lab can become FDA-registered and ISO-accredited. The lab has a platform to grow rapidly to the next level. ...more

beaker iconOFF MARKET CURRENTLY Tech-2270: Profitable Environmental Lab with Consistent Revenues in the Western USA. This 30+ year old, ELAP accredited environmental lab on the West Coast is well-established and serves clients from petroleum, agriculture, power, and other industries on the West Coast. The company is very strong in its core market, offering a wide array of analytical and field services for Petroleum and Power Sectors Roughly three fourths of its clients are from the Petroleum industry. It has a roster of about 400+ clients, and amongst them is the State, for which it samples and tests Green House Gases. The tests include those on crude, condensate, and gas tests, volatile and semi-volatile test methods, and tests on inorganics and also provides sampling service for them.

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Franchising Opportunities

guage_iconTech-2296: Franchise Opportunity - First of a Kind Mobile Calibration Labs from an Experienced Company. The Company is an experienced operator of a calibration laboratory and has put its 20+ experience to create a robust, flexible franchise opportunity. With a well-designed, well-equipped van and Company's ISO-accredited training and support, it is easy to be in laboratory business with modest investment. Company offers significant discount to Veterans looking to start their own business. ... more ... Contact Us

Other - Industrial Testing / Geotechnical and Environmental Consulting / Engineering Consulting and Testing, Instrument Companies

survey_iconTech-2374: Mobile Materials and Concrete GeoTech Laboratory in Western Canada. This lab was custom designed and made in summer of 2014 and used for a project for about 1.5 years and then sitting idle since November of 2015. It includes lead-shielded nuclear guage room (that can accomodate 10 guages) and also includes six fairly new gauges. Can be relocated by towing as it is in a 12X60 ft trailer on a skid. Asking Price: US$95,000 (original cost US$250,000). ... more ... Contact Us

survey_iconTech-2209 - A Profitable, Established GeoTechnical and Professional Engineering Services Company in the South East - Will Train Buyer. Wanting to get into a Business to make a good living? Owner will train a motivated and interested buyer. Gross Sales: US$1.12 million (2014)*, US$ 643K(2013), Discretionary Earnings: $259K(2014), $192K(2013); Total Assets (May vary depending on projects on hand): Approximately US$250K (estimated), included in sale (includes six vehicles, two drills, resistivity imaging meter, compression machines, extruders, etc.), Real Estate: 3,600 square feet leased space from owner (optionally purchase the building), Asking Price: $625K (or less if some of the assets are not included). Reason for Selling: Other business interests after 20 years in this field. * Note that 2014 revenue somewhat inflated due to a large one-time project which has been completed. ...more ...contact us

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beaker iconSOLD Tech-2289: NELAC-Accredited Environmental Laboratory in South West with Radiochemical Testing Capability with Excellent Growth Potential. The Laboratory is a well-established, full-service, NE LAC-accredited environmental laboratory offering a variety of radiochemical analysis and analytical services. Revenue: $1.12 million, Discretionary Earnings: $316K. Includes significant assets including some hard to find equipment, $100,000+ inventory including radiochemical standards worth  over $70,000, specialized labs with lead shielding ...Contact Us

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2266: New CLIA-accredited Clinical Chemistry Laboratory in Mid-Atlantic States is Looking for a Strategic Partner. This lab has just received CLIA and state license and is also applying for a neighboring state license. The lab has been now fully staffed and the owner is looking for a strategic partner who can run the operations and / or grow the business ...

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2309: Profitable, Well-Established, and Very Reputable Radiochemical lab in North East. This NELAC-accredited laboratory specializes in the analysis of radioactive contaminants identified by the U.S. EPA Safe Drinking Water Act (U.S. EPA SDWA).

blood drop iconSOLD Tech-2243: DNA Paternity Testing, Forensic Testing Lab in South East. This lab after undergoing time-consuming and expensive accreditation for AABB, is poised for high growth under right ownership. Owner must sell due to relocation outside of the country on account of family situation. One of the few labs in the country with dual accreditation. Gross Income (2012): $288K, Discretionary Cash Flow: $134K, assets: $125K.

blood_drop_iconSOLD- Tech-1503 - CLIA-accredited Profitable Clinical Lab with High Growth Potential in SE USA.

blood_drop_iconSOLD - Tech-1510 - Clinical Diagnostic Lab in North East.

beaker iconSOLD Tech-2269: Modern, Professionally Run NE LAP-accredited Environmental Laboratory with Solid Revenues in Mid-west. The lab performs drinking water, waste water, soil and air analysis. It is well-equipped and staffed with modern equipment and runs out of a newly renovated, modern 15,000 sq. feet space in an industrial park and offers plenty of room for expansion. Financials: 2012 revenues at $2.63 million, EBITDA: $372K, Assets: ~1 million.

beaker icon SOLD - Tech-2102 - Modern Industrial Process and Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast.

beaker_iconSOLD - Tech-2111 - Environmental Testing Laboratory on the West Coast - Expertise in Petroleum, Gas, Wastewater and Drinking Water.

beaker_iconSOLD Tech - 2214 - Modern, Environmental Testing Lab in North East with Solid Profits. The full-service Company serves industrial, municipal and residential clients. It provides testing services for drinking water, wastewater, and soils. It provides full support in all phases of projects including soil investigation, ground water sampling and potable testing services.

beaker iconSOLDTech-2114 - Well-established Environmental Testing Laboratory in North East with a Very Loyal Customer Base- Testing Water, Soil, Air. This 40-plus year old company excels in providing personalized and customized environmental testing services in the area of waste water, soil and air testing. Because of their superior service and scientific knowledge, the company has built up a solid business and a loyal clientele.

guage_iconSOLD Tech-2223 - Profitable ISO/IEC Accredited and Well-Equipped Calibration Laboratory in New England with Great Future Potential. This is an accredited calibration laboratory that calibrates analytical and hand instruments for a variety of customers, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and general manufacturing industries. The lab has been accredited to IS0 17025 since the standard's inception, and prior to that Guide 25. The accreditation contains a rather wide scope of dimensional and mechanical capabilities.

multimeter_iconSOLD-Tech - 2203 - Liquidation Sale - All Equipment, Furniture list and Customer List of an EMC Lab in New England States.

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