State-of-the-Art Clia, CAP Accredited Toxicology, Genomics Lab in South East

Licenses in 49 States, In-Network with Some Insurances

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The Lab is CAP and CLIA accredited clinical laboratory focused on urine toxicology and genetic testing marketplace. It maintains competitive advantages in test method design, test menu and reporting capabilities.

The Principals also own a laboratory development and management company that has built and managed 14 clinical laboratories. The Lab offers diagnostic services for Medical Monitoring, Addiction Treatment, and Genetic Testing. Its current customer segments include practices covering pain management, primary care, psychiatry, functional medicine and worker’s compensation. Note: that the lab is essentially sold without business.


The Lab’s expertise is in test method development, reporting and sales portal development for the sales team. The Lab
also comes with a capable staff, licenses in 49 states, several insurances including some private insurances, and state-of-
the-art equipment (market value about $1.7 million).


• Turn-key Lab - CAP and CLIA accredited
• Now getting in-network contract with BCBS (from early 2018)
• Comes with Staff, 49-state licenses and with some insurance coverages
• Complete with proprietary intellectual properties and validated methods, covering a very wide array of
drugs, pharmacogenomic testing that can help predict drug interactions / dosage
• Modern Equipment, valued at $1.7 million – includes multiple LCMS (4 MS each connected to 4 LCs)
• High Throughput capabilities – about 5,000-7,000 urine Tox samples / month; 5,000 PGX / month
• Generous, 5,000 sq. ft. lab space allows for expansion


This opportunity is offered at $1.1 million

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