Tech-2406: Consistently Profitable, Histopathology Lab in North East.

New England Lab Providing Diagnostic Services for Drug Development and Research and now with CLIA

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stained tissueThe Laboratory is a stable and solidly profitable business located in New England, which is poised for growth with its recently obtained CLIA certification, that will allow it to branch out in new areas. It has been performing histology and histopathology services for human and veterinary pathologists, biotechnical, educational and research facilities for over 30 years. The Lab has a staff of 10 full or part-time employees and 5 consultants. The Lab is projected to perform over 170,000 procedures, including necropsies or the gross examination of surgical specimens, the preparation of microscope slides, immunohistochemistry, cytology, frozen sections and reports on pathology. The Lab is housed in a re newly constructed (2010), state-of-the-art facilities and last year also got its CLIA certifications, qualifying this facility to perform human diagnostic pathology. The lab has been inspected and certified by the USDA-APHIS which is maintained by annual proficiency tests. The facilities have been inspected by the EPA, FDA and local fire department and has also been audited by many of its clients as part of their own Quality Assurance programs, with no major deficiencies found.



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