Clinical / Diagnostic / Pathology / Forensic Labs

-Tech-2438: New Fast-Growing CLIA and COLA Lab doing Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry in South West
- Tech-2436: Texas Clean CLIA License - high complexity with Medicare, Several State Medicaids
- Tech-2395: Medium Complexity CLIA license in Texas with Medicare
- Tech-2261: Fast-growing, profitable Clinical Lab in South West USA with CLIA, COLA and Recent BCBS
- Tech-2397: State-of-the-art Genomics and Toxicology Laboratory in South East with Licenses in 49 States
-Tech-2414: Turn-key Toxicology Clinical Lab with some cash flow
-Tech-2407: Turn-key, Well-Established Fully Functional Clinical and Toxicology lab in the South East with Insurance Contracts including Florida Blue Cross
-Tech-2430: Well-Established Toxicology Laboratory in Mississippi with a Large AR. This is a fully equipped toxicology laboratory
- Tech–2405: Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner
-Tech-2392: Opportunity to Add High Margin Flow Cytometry Cancer Tests via This CAP/CLIA Lab in South East
- Tech-2406: Consistently Profitable, Histopathology Lab in North East
-Tech-2408: Toxicology Lab Specialized in Workers Comp cases in the Western USA
-Tech-2383: One of the largest clinical labs in Nevada. Specialized in clinical chemistry, toxicology and genomics

blood drop iconTech-2438: New Fast-Growing CLIA and COLA Lab doing Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry in South West. full-service Toxicology and clinical services laboratory accredited by COLA and CLIA. It is currently profitable and has been generating annualized revenue of about $500K in under a year but is expected to grow to annualized revenue to about $1.5 million within a year due to new accounts being added. Excellent location within a medical corridor and only independent lab within 5 miles. Asking Price $1.1M ...more us

blood drop iconTech-2436: CLIA License From a Closed Down Laboratory in Texas. The lab has CLIA license expiring in June of 2018. It stopped processing samples in December, 2017. The Lab comes with Medicare License and several state Medicaids (AL, AZ, LA, AR,GA, TX,  NM, CO, and OK). Its operations manager is also available for hire. The Lab does not own the location or any of the major testing equipment as these were leased and have been removed from the location. It does have a plate centrifuge, a -80 degree freezer, some glassware, some expendable supplies, some tables, etc. Although it was a toxicology lab, it once had a blood component that was sold long time ago, but the lab still has blood tubes, and some boxes with insulation chests for sample shipping. It had a COLA inspection about 6 months ago and passed it. Asking Price $100K us

blood drop iconTech-2395: Medium Complexity CLIA license in TX. This license was used by a medium complexity CLIA lab which was recently bought by local clinic which did not need CLIA. It can be converted to a high Complexity CLIA by the buyer if necessary. Asking Price $100K or best offer. us

blood drop iconTech-2261: Fast-growing, profitable blood, Toxicology Lab in South West USA with CLIA, COLA and BCBS. This five-year old blood lab has seen strong revenues over the last two years. It operates out of a medical plaza in about 3,200 sq. ft. facility and currently is doing about 5,000 tests per month. The lab does mostly blood testing, some toxicology testing, PCR testing, and sends out Pharmacogenomics. Has Medicare, some Medicaids and recently received approval from BCBS. All of its part-time sales staff are salaried employees. Thereby the buyer can retain the revenue as long as the buyer offers same or better level of services. Gross Revenue:$6 million, EBITDA: $1.2 million; Asking Price: $5.5 million. us

blood drop iconTech-2397: State-of-the-art Genomics and Toxicology Laboratory in South East USA. This lab is a high capacity Lab capable of doing Genomics, Toxicology and Clinical Chemistry. It is licensed to process samples from 49 states. Includes multiple LC/MS systems (4 LCs connected to 4 MS systems each), capacity for 7,000 TOX samples and 5,000 PGX samples per month. Now getting in BC/BS of its state in early 2018. Total asset value at $1.7 million. Asking price $1.1M ...more us

blood drop iconTech-2407: Turn-key, Well-Established Fully Functional Clinical and Toxicology lab in the South East with Insurance Contracts including Florida Blue Cross. This CLIA-accredited high complexity lab covers all specialties and is in-network with many insurances. Assets worth over $1 million. Asking Price:$1.39 Million. ...more us

blood drop iconTech-2414: Turn-key Toxicology Clinical Lab in Mid-Atlantic Region. This 2-year old lab is being sold by its owners to someone who can be more successful in bringing new business to the lab. The lab is turn-key for doing toxicology or blood assays (although they are only doing Toxicology currently), and comes with highly qualified staff and lightly used, completely paid-off equipment whose in place value (with calibration and set up) is about 800K. Located in an ideal area where there is significant drug addiction problem. Recently Lab has secured a significant new business of which currently brings about 25-50 samples per month from a suboxone clinic which would bring roughly about $8-10K per month in business and defray some of the costs of running the business. Lab has Medicare, Tricare, and Medicaids in Virginia, NC, SC, and Georgia. Asking price $800K and seller can finance bulk of this to a qualified buyer. ...more ... contact us

blood drop iconTech-2430: Well-Established Toxicology Laboratory in Mississippi with a Large AR. This is a fully equipped toxicology laboratory. It has 2 LCMS and nearly $1M in equipment. All the equipment is fully paid off. It is performing over 2,000 toxicology specimens per month, with 35 full time and 6 part time employees. It has Medicare, Medicaid license in many states and a number of insurance contracts. The reason for sale is partnership dissolution and billing company mistakes. The lab is located in a 9,000 square feet facility, with rent of $3,000/month. Gross Revenue: $3 million; Asking Price:$2.4 million; in addition, about $19 Million Accounts Receivables also available for sale for $5 Million (all less than 11 month old and very billable). ... contact us

blood drop iconTech–2405: Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner. This two-year old genomic testing laboratory for cancer with cutting-edge technology offers reliable and comprehensive solutions for prevention and treatment of this disease. It can run tests on samples from all 50-states on blood or saliva samples. The Company is looking for a strategic partner that has experience and contacts in this industry, and can put capital and resources to fuel and support its rapid growth. Cash flow positive in 2018. Revenue: $1.4 million (2016); ...more ... contact us

blood drop icon Tech-2415: Lab Equipment from This Closed Down Toxicology Lab in South Central USA. The lab is closed down now but two equipment are available - a. never used Waters Tandem Quadrupole Mass Spec ($178K), and b. Access 2 Beckman Coulter Immunoassay Analyzer ($30K) us

blood drop iconTech-2392: Opportunity to Add High Margin Flow Cytometry Cancer Tests via This CAP/CLIA Lab in South East. This 15-year old high complexity lab is CLIA and CAP accredited and provides state-of-the-art flow cytometric services for cancer testing. They offer a variety of test panels such as acute leukemia panel, lympho-proliferative panels and more to diagnose a variety of cancers. These panels are high margin tests (reimbursement of about $1,000) and excellent addition for a lab that is looking to add this niche testing. Ideal for oncology group practices as well and also for those who are outsourcing this to other labs or who can get adequate number of samples. It is also ideal for others who are looking for a high complexity lab and add other services including blood or urine testing, toxicology, PGX or pathology. The lab is located in a highly desirable town near a university and where a lot of innovative research companies are located. Buyer could lease or buy this space or can just buy the business and move it elsewhere in the state. The lab used to gross over $1 million a few years back but the owner is now semi-retired. The building is a nice modern lab building of 3,608 sq. ft. Revenue: about $200K, asking price for business: $399K, for the building (optional) $1.2 million. us

blood drop iconTech-2383: A Very Profitable Lab with Insurance Contracts in Western USA: This lab has all licenses (CLIA, Medicaid, Medicare, and contracts with hospitals via parent MSO). The lab does toxicology, DNA and blood work and has latest HPLC/MS devices. It is located in an excellent building (8,100 sq. ft.), and location. It has a Blue Cross contract and United is pending. It also has hard to get NV Medicaid. Seller is open to selling the building or provide a good lease. The lab also has an outside draw station. The Lab just got the accreditation for both Nevada and California and with the new hospital accounts shall gross more than 1M per month (mix DNA/Tox and blood). Insurance mix is Medicare 65%, Medicaid 5%, and commercial 30%. Revenue $4 million, asking price $3 million (out of which $1 million can be seller's note). Asset value $1.7 million. ... contact us

blood drop icon Tech-2406: Consistently Profitable, Histopathology Lab in North East. The Laboratory is a stable and solidly profitable business, poised for growth under a more energetic owner. With many biotech / pharma industries within an hour's drive, and with recent CLIA accreditation, there are significant growth opportunities available. Revenue: $1.01 Million, EBITDA: $261K/$349K (for a pathologist buyer); Asset Value: $320K, Asking Price Now at :$980K (reduced from 1.25 MM)...more details ... contact us

blood drop iconTech-2408: Toxicology Lab Specialized in Workers Comp cases in the Western USA. This five-year old sizable, established lab, specialized for toxicology services for Workers Comp (commercial accounts only). The owner co-owns the whole medical building (also for sale), and the compounding pharmacy in it (also for sale, separately or in package). The reason for sale is relocation and partially retirement. Laboratory looks like new, has best of equipment worth $2.5 million, is housed in 3,100 square feet of space, 14 full-time employees, and monthly payroll of $70K. CLIA and Medicare license are in good standing, but majority of insurances are pure workers comp, with a lot of accounts receivables ($70M, not in price included). Laboratory has 8 groups as clients, 2 of them cover about 60% of gross (each about 30% of total gross). Seller is confident that accounts will stay, but offers his engagement after the sale to secure the smooth transaction. Gross Revenue: $3.8 million; Cash Flow:$900K; Assets: $2.5 million; Asking Price: $3.25 million; Real Estate:$2.9 million; Asking Price: $3.25 million. ... contact us

blood drop iconTech-2400: Unused Roche MagNA Pure 96, high speed DNA/RNA/Nucleic Acid Purifier. With all components and 3-year maintenance contract that transfers to the buyer. Bought for $140K in mid 2016, and paid $15K for the maintenance contract. Selling for $100,750 (35% discount). us

blood drop iconTech-2375: Genomics Equipment for Sale from Recently Closed Genetic Lab in North Carolina. This forensic / DNA lab was recently closed down and some of its key equipment is still in place. All equipment purchased from Illumina in November 2013 for a total cost of $429,000. For Sale at about a third of its price. (Note: equipment worth $264,000 still remaining in inventory). The manufacturer will deinstall, crate, ship and install the equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition. Seller will pay for deinstallation, and buyer will pay for the crating, shipping and installation. ...Equipment list and more details us

blood drop icon Tech-2429: Very Profitable, well-established, Large Clinical and Pathology Laboratory in CA. This lab in been in business for 20 years has a large facility with 10+ draw stations and a volume of over 1,000 requisitions per day. In network with BC/BS, Cigna, Aetna and Health One. It has exclusive contracts with big HMOs. The revenue is $1,200,000 per month. This comprises of insurance mix : Medicare 25%, Medi-Cal 10%, PPO 35%, IPA 30%. It has over 80 employees and operates 24/7. The laboratory occupies a unique market position and tests. Will ideally suit a buyer with experience and expansion plans. Revenue: US$13 million; Discretionary Earnings: $2 million, EBITDA: $1.8 million; Asking price: $11.75 Million. us

blood drop iconUNDER LOI Tech-2424: CAP/CLIA Pathology Lab in Midwest with NY, CA licenses and in-network contracts. This 35-year old laboratory in a major metro city in the mid-west is well-known for its podiatry specialty. Moreover, it has CAP and CLIA accreditations, is able to serve all states, and has very difficult to obtain NY and CA licenses. NY in particular, often takes 2-3 years and so for someone who has a substantial business coming from NY, this lab could be quite valuable. Moreover, the Lab also comes with some valuable in-network insurance contracts. Comes with modest revenue and some profit. (Revenue $206K, Discretionary Earnings $46K), no debt. Main assets are state licenses and in-network contracts. Inviting offers. ...more details ...

blood drop iconTech-2409: Clinical Laboratory with Insurance Contracts, and Mobile X-ray Approval in Western USA. This established lab has lots of clients, specialties and contracts (Blue Cross and Blue Shield from "big 5"), Private, Medicare and Medi-Cal. 550 specimens per day. Plus CLIA is loaded with all specialties. Lab has 80 full time and 11 part-time employees. There is a good potential to double the business in 2017 and the seller is therefore willing to stay on in a partnership role with the buyer for the next couple of years. It is located in a 10,000 sq. ft. leased facility and also has 6 draw stations. Gross Revenue: $10 million, Cash Flow: $2.1 million, mobile X-ray IDTF license included, asking price: $7 million. ... contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2245: Profitable, Pre-clinical Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Serving Pharmaceutical, Biomedical Industries in Western USA with Excellent Growth Potential. The Company is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Gross Revenue $1.6 million, EBITDA $500K ...more us

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