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- Tech-2444: Turn-key, CLIA Lab in SW, Debt-free, Coveted In-Network Contracts, Profitable
-Tech-2458: Turn-key, High Complexity, CLIA, COLA Lab with BCBS, Medicare, Medicaids in a few states and fully paid off Assets in SW States in Navitas Jurisdiction
- Tech-2443: Clinical Lab Management Services Company in South West USA
- Tech-2454: Profitable Microbial Laboratory Service Provider/CRO in the Midwest

-Tech-2405: Very Fast-Growing Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner
-Tech-2437: Very Profitable, Fast Growing CRO/SMO on the West Coast
-Tech-2409: Clinical Laboratory with Insurance Contracts, and Mobile X-ray Approval in Western USA

blood_drop_icon Tech-2444: Turn-key Profitable CLIA Lab in TX with many Coveted Network Contracts. This is a 4-year old, clinical laboratory serving skilled nursing home patients as well as referrals from doctors. It has most major insurances including Blue Cross, Aetna, United Health, Humana, Medicare and several Medicaids. 2018 projected revenue (from 11 months data): $1.1 M; EBITDA: $800K. Asking price: $2.5 Million. ... more us

blood_drop_icon Tech-2458: Turn-key, High Complexity, CLIA, COLA Lab with BCBS, Medicare, Medicaids in a few states and fully paid off Assets in TX. The lab has many paid off equipment including two ABSCIEX LCMS systems. Can handle blood and urine tests and does many other molecular PCR tests. Fully operational lab comes with qualified staff. It can be relocated within the state. Asking Price: $1.45 M. ... more us

blood_drop_icon Tech-2443: Clinical Lab Management Services Company in South West USA. Ideal Opportunity to acquire a Company that has recurring revenues, sticky customers, high margins and very scalable for an ambitious buyer. This well-established Company provides comprehensive lab management services for physician office laboratories, as well as turnkey lab setup for entrepreneurs and healthcare providers. 2018 Revenue: $2.69M, EBITDA: $529K (Recast Revenue and EBITDA after divesting one division $1.94M and $589K). ... more us

blood_drop_icon Tech-2454: Profitable Microbial Laboratory Service Provider/CRO in the Midwest. The laboratory offers microbiology services specializing in anti-infective discovery and development for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and animal health industries. Founded by pharmaceutical industry infectious disease scientists, the company is a unique contract research organization that offers clients documented, top-of-the-line laboratory services from experts who have successfully gained FDA approval of new antibiotics. Each client has a customized relationship and can have a stand-alone assay service or collaborative discovery program for exploratory projects. As a long-standing provider of these type of services, the company is well known and respected in the various areas served and enjoys a strong history of repeat business.  The current founding owner is now ready to transition the company to a new owner who will continue the service and quality developed over the past 14 years. A unique opportunity to acquire a strong company with a solid history and reputation.  Seller will consider all proposals for merger or acquisition. Gross Revenue previous 12 months $1.9 million, Average EBITDA past four years $450K, Asking Price $2.5M. ... contact us

blood drop iconTech–2405: Genomic Lab for Cancer Looking for Strategic Partner. This three-year old genomic testing laboratory for cancer with cutting-edge technology offers reliable and comprehensive solutions for prevention and treatment of this disease. It can run tests on samples from all 50-states on blood or saliva samples. The Company is looking for a strategic partner that has experience and contacts in this industry, and can put capital and resources to fuel and support its rapid growth. It is now growing at a rapid pace and after registering $1.4M in the eight months of operation in 2017, it is on pace to generate about $2.5M in revenue in the current year with EBITDA of about $700K and is projecting a revenue of about $10.6M in 2019. Revenue for first four months of 2018 were $750K ...more ... contact us

blood_drop_iconTech-2437: Very Well-Established, Profitable CRO/SMO on the West Coast. This Company is a physician-owned and managed, independent, multi-site clinical Trial Management Organization. It is a full-service Site Management Organization (SMO) that conducts Phase I through Phase IV clinical trials in 12 therapeutic areas covering the full range of medical and scientific inquiry. The revenue for 2017 is $2.8 million with net profit of about $330K. The business acquired multi-million contracts in second half of 2017. 2018 6-month revenue is about $2.7 M. The owner is ready to stay on salary post-acquisition to help grow the Company and maintain client relationships. ... contact us

blood drop iconTech-2409: Clinical Laboratory with Insurance Contracts, and Mobile X-ray Approval in Western USA. This established lab has lots of clients, specialties and contracts (Blue Cross and Blue Shield from "big 5"), Private, Medicare and Medi-Cal. 550 specimens per day. Plus CLIA is loaded with all specialties. Lab has 80 full time and 11 part-time employees. There is a good potential to double the business in 2017 and the seller is therefore willing to stay on in a partnership role with the buyer for the next couple of years. It is located in a 10,000 sq. ft. leased facility and also has 6 draw stations. Gross Revenue: $10 million, Cash Flow: $2.1 million, mobile X-ray IDTF license included, asking price: $7 million. ... contact us

blood drop iconTech-2424: CAP/CLIA Pathology Lab in Midwest with NY, CA licenses and in-network contracts. This 35-year old laboratory in a major metro city in the mid-west is well-known for its podiatry specialty. Moreover, it has CAP and CLIA accreditations, is able to serve all states, and has very difficult to obtain NY and CA licenses. NY in particular, often takes 2-3 years and so for someone who has a substantial business coming from NY, this lab could be quite valuable. Moreover, the Lab also comes with some valuable in-network insurance contracts. Comes with modest revenue and some profit. (Revenue $168K, Discretionary Earnings $34K), no debt. Main assets are state licenses and in-network contracts. Asking Price:$700K ...more us

blood_drop_iconUNDER LOITech-2245: Profitable, Pre-clinical Clinical Research Organization (CRO) Serving Pharmaceutical, Biomedical Industries in Western USA with Excellent Growth Potential. The Company is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) serving the biomedical research, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Gross Revenue (2018 Projected from 7 months) $2.2 million, EBITDA $567 K ...more us

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