Tech 2261:Fast Growing, Very Profitable, High-Margin Clinical Laboratory in South West

Excellent Management and Staff – Needs Very Little Supervision

This young, CLIA and COLA accredited laboratory is serving its customers since 2012. It is currently serving Texas and a few other states. The Lab is in a large Metropolitan Area with a population of 1.7 million. The Laboratory is focused on specialized, high margin, low volume tests and has implemented a high degree of automation. As a result, it is enjoying a very rapid growth and very high margins. Its main tests are molecular, PCR-based tests for upper respiratory and GI tract diagnosis. It has also just introduced a very new polypharmacy test and is currently the only independent reference lab that is commercially offering this test. Polypharmacy test, with a simple blood test, lets physicians know what medications the patients are taking, both for compliance and to avoid drug-drug interactions.


The Lab has shown a strong growth in last two years as it moved away from more commodity type of blood testing and focused more on niche, high value, low volume testing, such as upper respiratory and GI tests which use cutting edge PCR technology. It also hired part-time salaried sales people to market its test and has gradually expanded its geographic area that it serves. Currently it markets in TX, GA, and NV. Even in TX, it is currently only marketing in a few metro areas and it is now expanding its geographic reach in other cities in TX. Additionally, it also introduced a polypharmacy test described above in the last quarter of 2017. So, its future growth will come from:


Very healthy and rapid growth, which is sustainable for quite some time


  2016 2017 2018
REVENUE 2.4 M 6 M 1.21 M 9 M
Y-Y Growth   148%   51%
EBITDA 0.6 M 990K 570 K 2.2 M
26% 20%   24%


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