Selling Your Lab

We constantly get requests from buyers looking for labs to buy or opportunities to collaborate or partner with existing labs.

Are You a Business Owner / Management?

If you are planning to sell your business - whether for strategic reasons or for retirement, do contact us. We are specialized in selling laboratories, have registered buyers, and can give your lab a wide exposure in a very discreet way. We currently have many buyers looking for labs that we currently don't have! Perhaps yours might be the lab that you are looking for! Moreover, we have a very visible marketplace and multiple ways to market your lab to the right, qualified audience.

We are also experts in creating comprehensive information memorandum, doing financial analysis and recommending most probable selling price.

Contact us today!

Looking to Sell Your Lab in the Future

Are you planning to get ready to sell your lab in the near future and are looking to see what steps you can take now for maximum value? We can do a quick, cost-effective analysis of your business and give you some tips as to what steps you can take today. ... Contact us.

We Pay Referral Fees

Do you know a lab owner who may be thinking of selling or retiring? Help us connect with these sellers. We are expert in selling labs. We do expert analysis and prepare professional packages to make the process easier. And we have dozens of buyers looking for labs - a demand we cannot often fulfil. See some of our current buy-side requirements. If we make a connection with your help, and if we can then sell that lab, we will pay you a referral fee. ... Contact us