UNDER LOI: Tech-2385: Cannabis, Food, Pharma Testing GMP Lab in NorthEast

Tech-2385: Cannabis, Pharma and Food Testing GMP Lab in Canada.

One of the Few Labs with US FDA and Health Canada Licenses to also Test for Phama and Food Products

A great opportunity to buy or partner with this North East GMP laboratory with coveted Cannabis testing license (includes both, Controlled Substances License, and Precursor License) and also specializing in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and natural health products analysis. It is one of only about 50 commercial Labs currently licensed to test cannabis, expected to be a $1.5 Billion testing market and only a handful of GMP labs that can also test pharmaceuticals and food products. To get the license from scratch, including getting Health Canada GMP license and US FDA license, it may take up to 18-24 months. Priced at US$4.5M.

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