TECH-2443: Well-Established Clinical Lab Management Company with Loyal Clients

Well-Established Clinical Lab Management Company with Loyal Clients in South West

Predictable Recurring Revenues, Sticky Customers, High Margins, Very Scalable


This well-established Company provides comprehensive lab management services for physician office laboratories, as well as turnkey lab setup for entrepreneurs and healthcare providers. The Company offers expert knowledge and unparalleled support for laboratories specializing in clinical chemistry, immunology, hematology, toxicology and genomics. Services include facility design and layout, technical platform selection, licensure and certification consulting, and maintaining compliance with regulatory agencies. The Company provides these services to physician practices, independent labs, and other healthcare businesses located in the Western US. However, with a targeted sales effort and capital resources, the Company’s proven business model can be replicated in other regions throughout the country.


The Company operates two divisions – its core business is lab management but to support the labs it manages (and others), it also stocks and resells some of the lab equipment and supplies. However, the latter has lower margins, and in 2018, it lost money. For a buyer who is also in equipment supply business, this could well have better margins and could be a good business, but for the Company, it adds unnecessary costs of warehousing and personnel to support the distribution side of the business. It is planning to phase it out in 2019 and have the vendors directly ship equipment and supplies to the customer sites, and it can collect some commission on the sales without incurring any costs. So if it this was in place now, for 2018, its EBITDA would have been over $600k (including commissions it would get from vendors) and EBITDA margins over 30%.


  • High Margins, and High Growth (strong interest currently in Drug Testing and Genetic Testing Labs)
  • Long-term contracts ensure recording revenue and most of the clients continue renewing these contracts (they auto renew), as there is no reason to change if the service is good and they are making money
  • Model very scalable across the country
  • Can be relocated – one can run it from anywhere
  • Deep, long-term experience in the field
  • Large Potential Market of over 100,000 POLs, and particularly the subset of CLIA-waived Physician Office Labs (POLs), as well as anyone who wants to start a Clinical lab.
  • Experienced Management Team


– Gross Revenue: $2.7M (2018)
– Adjusted EBITDA: $529K ($590K via restructuring its distribution business*)
– Asking Price: $2.5 M

*Company is divesting its low margin distribution business

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