Tech-2469: Brand New Toxicology Lab in NC with Medicare, Medicaid

Tech–2469: Brand New Toxicology Lab in NC

Turnkey Lab with High Complexity CLIA, Medicare, Medicaid Insurances

This is a brand-new Toxicology lab in North Carolina, complete with Medicare and NC Medicaid and high complexity CLIA accreditation. This can save someone looking to divert some volume or wanting to start right away some 6-9 months in getting set up, get CLIA, Medicare and Medicaid.

The Lab comes with Agilent 6490 LCMS system which is almost completely validated but just needs about 1-2 months of work to finish determination of detection limits.

Currently the lab is in 900 sq. ft of leased space with a retail pharmacy of the same owner occupying the front space. Additional space in the same building may be available as the retail pharmacy can be moved (after speaking with Board of pharmacy as it will entail re-approval of pharmacy)

The Lab is offered at $350K as is (the buyer will complete the remaining validation) or at $375K with the seller completing the validation, offering the Lab in Turn-key position.  The Lab comes with Medical Director and a laboratory technician if the buyer prefers that arrangement.

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