Tech-2488: Profitable, Well-established Environmental Lab in North West


Only Lab in this Region – Top Tier Oil and Gas Clients – Hard to Obtain Lease – Turn-Key with Absentee Owner

This is a unique and outstanding opportunity for a larger lab to acquire this well-established Alaska-based lab, which serves all of the major oil companies in the region, been consistently profitable and is the only lab in this region. The larger lab can offer more services to the Lab’s clients both in Alaska and on the mainland. The owners stay on the mainland and only occasionally visit the lab.

The lab is operated on a 24-hour per day/seven day per week basis accepting and analyzing samples in and around the region. It maintains a very high standard of quality control in its analytical services. Their analyses are performed using procedures approved by EPA, ADEC or professional associations such as ASTM, AIHA, AWWA and WEF. Their environmental scientists have more than twenty-five years of experience. They have been providing water, wastewater, microbial testing, and other chemistry testing. They have recently added in-house analysis for total metals, TCLP metals, BOD, TDS, TSS and have very recently added total Benzene and TCLP Benzene.

The Lab also provides sampling services for biological, chemical, environmental and hazardous waste projects, including the “Contaminated Sites” program. The field services portion of the business is an area of opportunity to expand due to increased activity and exploration. Field sampling is billed out at a rate of $150-200/hour depending on the client.

The total area of the facility is 2,400 sq. ft. and there is room for expansion. There is a significant drilling activity in Alaska and the lab supports the oil companies with their analytical needs and there is significant new drilling activity possible in the future. The lab was not affected by earlier collapse of the oil markets, which have largely recovered. Its clients have long-term contracts and plans.

Last year the lab invested in an ICP-MS system enabling them to offer rush service for analysis of metals in a more reliable way. Earlier they used to send this out to an outside lab in Seattle, Washington, and the turn-around time was not always predictable. Since they charge 100% premium for rush services, they can now get much more revenue for the metal analysis and keep all of the revenue internally. Additionally, they also invested in a GC machine so now they can also offer Benzene analysis for which there is a significant demand.

This is an excellent opportunity to get an established facility in Alaska where land-lease is hard to get.


  • Unique location and opportunity
  • Only Lab in this Part of the state
  • Top Tier Clients
  • Recently invested in new equipment and services
  • Great Growth Opportunity for the Buyer from additional services
Gross Revenue:
$864K (2019); $983K (2020 proj)
EBITDA: $276K (2019); $322K (2020 proj) Asking Price: Inviting Offers
Asset Value: ~$200K Lab Area: 2,400 Sq. Ft. Staff: 4 people
..Revenue and Profits increased due to added services now offered…. A larger lab can add more services to the Lab’s top tier clients


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