Tech-2491: Toxicology Lab in Texas with Medicare, Medicaids

Tech-2491: Toxicology Lab in Texas with Medicare, Medicaids

Turnkey – Novitas MAC – Positive SDE – Insurances – Debt Free with $600K Assets


  • Turn-key Lab with CLIA, COLA, with Medicare and Medicaids, and paid by BCBS (has provided billing number)
  • Coveted Novitas Jurisdiction
  • Comes with about $600K of assets without any debt
  • $460K in revenue, $52K SDE, about 300 samples from 5-6 clients (platform to build on)
  • In a major city in TX, near a major highway, 25 minutes to the airport
  • Asking price $550K (cash at close)
  • Seller selling because cannot keep up with this lab and his other healthcare businesses

This four year old toxicology lab in a major city in Texas (Novitas Jurisdiction) is CLIA and COLA accredited and currently processes about 300 samples per month from 5-6 clients. The lab comes debt free with all of the equipment and staff.  Most of the equipment are on lease (about 205K left to pay off) which will be paid off at closing.


  • AB SCIEX 4500 (bought in 2017 – refurbished from Company)
  • Indiko Plus Screening Chemistry Analyzers; One in production (bought new)
  • LabDaq – Laboratory Information Management System (bought New)
  • Active Diff5 (hematology) (Brand new, installation in progress now)
  • Piccolo Express Chemistry Analyzer (new from
  • Abbot)
  • Other equipment – (Evaporator, refrigeration, computers and UPS systems, reagents and general laboratory supplies)


Lab has contract with Superior, Medicare, and Medicaid and Scott & White. It also is credentialed with BC and has a billing number with them, and collects from BCBS. It also collects out of network with United Healthcare, Wellmed,  and others.

This is the summary of Lab’s Insurance contracts:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid -Texas
  • Medicaid – IL
  • Superior -TX
  • Scott White

BCBS- they have approved credentialing , issued billing number a while back and are paying but the lab is officially not in network with them


The facility is about 1,500 sq. ft. and leased until 2020. Lab is in the heart of the Medical district.  There are many clinics are around the area and there is no other local lab in the 5-mile radius. The facility can be moved to a larger facility if the buyer wants – the seller has his own other business in the adjacent suite of a similar size and can make that available to the buyer or help the buyer move elsewhere in the town.


The Lab has a full-time Lab Manager, a Lab Technician and a part-time Lab Admin who was a pain management doctor. It also has a part-time lab director.


The lab gets its samples from physicians in the pain management, internal / family medicine, and psychiatry practices.   They have about 5-7 regular customers and the seller is always trying to add more customers.


Lab Corp and Quest Diagnostics are the two national labs that is competing with this Lab for the local business. It is the only lab in the 5-mile radius.

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