Tech-2409: Clinical Lab with Insurance Contracts and Mobile X-ray Approval in W USA

Tech-2409: Clinical Laboratory with Insurance Contracts, and Mobile X-ray Approval in Western USA. This established lab has lots of clients, specialties and contracts (Blue Cross and Blue Shield from “big 5”), Private, Medicare and Medi-Cal. 550 specimens per day. Plus CLIA is loaded with all specialties. Lab has 80 full time and 11 part-time employees. There is a good potential to double the business in 2017 and the seller is therefore willing to stay on in a partnership role with the buyer for the next couple of years. It is located in a 10,000 sq. ft. leased facility and also has 6 draw stations. Gross Revenue: $10 million, Cash Flow: $2.1 million, mobile X-ray IDTF license included, asking price: $7 million.

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