Tech-Real-6091: Mobile Chemistry / Bio Lab (currently in FL)

Modern, Pre-Fab Lab in Excellent Condition at a Fraction of the Price of Building One

Are you running out of your lab space? 
We have a mobile lab space solution for you

This is a 815 sq. ft. of custom chemistry and bio mobile lab available In Florida. The lab can be moved to any location as desired. The chemistry and bio lab spaces within the space can accommodate about 8-10 scientists. It has three chemistry hoods and the bio lab section has its own HEPA filter and a Bio hood. Space also comes with adequate storage and multiple Power, water, and gas lines. It is set up with a security camera and access panel (will need retrofitting).

The lab was used previously by scientists to conduct Cancer research and the last tenant used it as a CBD lab with all ISO specs in place.

More Details

  •  See more pictures here
  • Floor Plan here
  • Equipment list and other laboratory feature specs are available.

Asking Price

$100,000. (Buyer will arrange for dismantling, assembly, and transportation).

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