Under LOI: Tech–2482: Consistently Profitable, High Quality Geotech Lab in the North East

Tech-2482: Consistently Profitable High Quality Lab

Experts in Solving Difficult Test Cases


Gross Revenue: $1.8M EBITDA: $450K Asking Price: $1.8 M
Asset Value: ~$500K Lab Area: 14,000 Sq. Ft.
Staff: 15 people
… Offered Debt Free … 25% EBITDA Margin … Consistently Profitable

This leading Geotech lab in the North East performs a variety of testing that includes routine index testing to sophisticated state-of-the-art test procedures. Its clients include governmental agencies, consulting engineering firms, and construction contractors. The Laboratory is known for its expertise and the scope of testing offered, and many other geotechnical laboratories send their advanced testing to the Lab for these reasons. It is also one of the few laboratories experienced in cyclic testing used in earthquake analysis and machine loadings. As a result, they receive samples from international clients and sites.

compression testThe Lab performs testing in accordance with a quality assurance plan based on ASTM, ISRM, AASHTO and in-house test procedures.  They participate in the AASHTO resource proficiency program (formerly AMRL) and the lab is validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and accredited by AASHTO. The Lab provides the analyses and collaboration clients need when making geotechnical performance evaluations. The Lab’s staff members are active in the ASTM technical committee D-18 on Soil and Rock and this expertise also allows them to provide clients with consulting on test interpretation and validation.

The Lab has not advertised and has relatively limited local competition. It has chosen not to chase many customers it could have obtained because it currently is operating at full capacity. An ambitious buyer can expand the business by scaling up and hiring more people as the current test equipment and physical facilities already have extra capacity for expansion.


In mid-2018, the Lab hired two senior managers in preparation for sale of the Lab to ensure a smooth transition for the new buyer. The current owner can stay through the transition and can also be available for longer-term consulting.


The Lab has enjoyed solid revenues and consistent profits with strong EBITDA margins. In 2019 the lab is projecting a solid revenue of $1.8M and an EBITDA of $450K with a very healthy 25% EBITDA margin.


  • Long and successful track record
  • Strong year to year financial performance – strong profits and great margins
  • Great Facility – central location, ample space and infrastructure, capacity for growth
  • Solid reputation for solving difficult test situations
  • Comes Debt free


The owners are wanting to slow down but are looking for the right buyer who can take advantage of the growth opportunities that are available and take the Lab to the next level, while still maintaining the high standards that the Lab is known for.


This business has been solidly profitable year after year and has posted solid numbers over last several years. There is plenty of growth possible. It is offered debt-free at $1.8M, a fair multiple of EBITDA.

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